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A variety of data and parameters will be displayed for faster preview of different post types – products, posts, pages, and especially, orders. For example, instead of choosing a filter to find a specific product type, now users can see which type each product belongs to with the “Product type” column.

Key features

  • Easily turn on/off the columns with 1 button.
  • Drag and drop to rearrange the columns.
  • Customize the width of columns.
  • Add unlimited new columns to the list.
  • Support multiple post types: posts, products, pages, etc.
  • Support multiple taxonomies: category, tag, collection, brand, product category, product attribute, etc.
  • Plenty of predefined columns of data

Payment info on the WordPress Dashboard

To know the 2Checkout account balance report, it requires to login to the 2Checkout website. With Payment Gateway – 2Checkout for WooComerce plugin, it’s possible to show total earing, 2Checkout processing paid fees, Retaining to rolling reserve balance, total chargeback fees, other Tax/VAT related data on WordPress Dashboard






Refund Policy

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